Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Cloth Diapering Addiction

As I venture further in to the exclusive world of cloth diapering, I have quickly become addicted to buying more diapers, finding the best deals, and stalking the newest patterns to add to my "stash." When I made the original commitment to cloth diaper our youngest baby, I immediately searched for stores in the area to buy new cloth diapers. Luckily for me, The Nurture Center in Lafayette sold BumGenius (BG) AIO's and 3.0's. As I would quickly learn, not many Mama's had the ability to buy from a brick and mortar location. Matter of fact, if I wanted anything other than BG, I would have to buy from online stores such as Kelly's Closet, Mom's Milk Boutique, Diva Diapers and Green Mountain Diapers. These stores sold big name brands such as BG, Fuzzi Bunz (FB), Happy Heinys (HH) and Thirsties, to name a few, but one thing these online stores rarely sold was work-at-home-mom (WAHM) diapers made right here in the US. Hyena Cart hosts many of these WAHM made diapers such as Bagshot Row Bamboo (BsRB), Cloth! is the new Diaper (CND!) and Bebe Britches. It was not unusual to see mom's on BabyCenter (BBC) posting that they were "stalking" these sites as new dipes were becoming available. Almost as quickly as the dipes were stocked, they were bought by mom's all over the country. The slightest of hesitation meant you wouldn't end up with the diaper you wanted. I learned this quickly when I was hesitant to spend more than $20 on a diaper that was adorable, but still required a cover. As soon as I had made my mind up, that it was in fact worth every penny, the diaper was gone. Another veteran mama got to it first.

There were other ways to find diapers. DiaperSwappers and BBC had communities of women who often sold their old cloth diapers or never been used diapers. Sure a never been used diaper from another mama with good feedback sounds appealing, especially at lower than cost, but would I really want to buy a used diaper to put on my new babies clean little tush? Although shopping from "The Swap" may not be for everyone, I will say I have found many great deals on brand new diapers and saved even more money for my family, and since my plan in life is to be a good mom, wife AND save the planet, then you better know I'll certainly be selling MY used diapers on The Swap!

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