Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wholesome Baby Food

Since my daughter is almost 4 months old, I have been thinking more and more about solid foods. I know once we introduce solid foods like vegetables and fruits, I will make her baby food, but to start I wanted to give her rice cereal around 4-6 months to start with. I had never heard of making your own rice cereal before, but then I stumbled upon this awesome website!

Wholesome Baby Food

I can't wait to try this out. I really want to wait until 6 months to start solids, but this just may be a bit too exciting for me to hold off!!!

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  1. I actually started my 8 month-old daughter on solids when she turned 4 months at her ped's suggestion. But she was sitting up almost unassisted and was ready for it. One food, every two to three days to make sure there were no bad reactions. I usually only gave her a couple bites to get her used to the idea at first. Now she's chomping on everything from mashed meat (not the jarred, ick!) to fresh fruit pieces! We didn't even do rice.

    Good luck!