Friday, June 18, 2010

Cold Remedies while Breastfeeding...

Before you read this all the way through thinking I am going to give you the secret answer about what medicine you can take for a cold while breastfeeding, let me disclose this; I DON'T HAVE THE ANSWER!!!!

So here's the story. The day I came home from the hospital with my daughter I was terrible sick. I had the worst headcold known to man. I couldn't breath. My head felt like it was going to explode. I finally had enough and called the advice line of Kaiser and was told regular Sudafed behind-the-counter (BTC) was what I could have while breastfeeding. This was the first thing that confused me. I couldn't take Sudafed-D, which was sold to any Tom, Dick or Harry right over the counter, however, I could have the REAL stuff, the stuff that is kept BEHIND the counter with the pharmacist. I would have to show my ID and they would document I was buying this product. Why, because apparently people like to buy this product to make drugs with. Drugs, like Meth. Meth? Really? It was really okay for me to take this medicine while breastfeeding? Needless to say, I was on so much discomfort I (went back to the car for my ID) purchased the Sudafed and went on my way.

Now, let me remind you that I was less than a week postpartum. My milk supply was great (obviously), but quickly I started losing my supply. Why you ask, because Sudeafed is a pseudoephedrine, which reduces nasal congestion... it also reduces milk supply!!! What? Why would a Kaiser advice representative tell me it was okay to take it?

Regardless, I am posting this today because AGAIN I am faced with crazy sinus pressure, stuffy nose and a headache. I don't have anything in my medicine cabinet except for Sudafed. As it stares me in the face I am holding myself back from taking it and benefiting from what it can do for me.

So, the question for me remains, what cold remedies do you have while breastfeeding?


  1. I wasn't breastfeeding when I did this, but it helped with congestion. I dated a guy from India several years ago and when I caught a cold he made up a concoction of ground tumeric (bright yellow spice), milk, and sugar. My congestion was relieved for several hours. I don't know how it would affect breast feeding since I didn't need to use then.

    If I recall correctly, I put in about 1 or 2 tablespoons of tumeric, a couple cups of milk and sugar to taste in a pan and heated it up (not boiling so the milk wouldn't curdle.) It was pretty good.

  2. Sorry, I meant to clarify that I had made it for myself a year ago, from memory, before I was pregnant. I dated the guy from India back in '95, so it was a LONG time to remember it!

  3. Trina, great idea! I have tumeric, so I can make that concoction!! I'll let you know!

  4. Salt water flush! Nasty but works.

    Could even drip some breastmilk in your nose. They say to do it for baby so why not for mom?

  5. I never even considered BM! I'm still a pretty stuffy, it's worth a shot. I'll let you know how it works out! lol

  6. Nasal Wash for sure!!!! Also this product is great:

    I'm breastfeeding and able to take it without it hurting my supply

  7. Thanks Mama! I will check it out! Never did try the BM, maybe next time!