Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I heart fluff

Although I am ridiculously pationate about everything cloth diapers, I really don't want my blog to get derailed from the other great ways a family (or even single guy or girl) could live a greener life, so I wanted to introduce a fellow mama that does want to focus specifically on all things fluff. Tara is the creater of I Heart Fluff and has created a great website for other families that need some guidance when it comes to the confusing world of cloth diapering. With the help of fellow mama's, she has clearly outlined some of the tough questions such as types of cloth diapers, how to care for or launder, cloth diapering on a budget and of course how to get started.

I was excited that Tara loved my breakdown of cloth diapers and featured me in part of her website! Thanks Tara!

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So, although I will continue to stick my hand in a subject I am still learning myself, head on over to I Heart Fluff to check out all the great things Tara has to say about cloth diapers. You can even fan her on her facebook page here!


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