Friday, June 25, 2010

Rock the Soak

Although it had been months since I had purchased three different samples from Rockin' Green Soap, I had every intention on buying a bag as soon as I ran out of my Free and Clear (F&C). I didn't know much about Rockin Green (RnG), but what I did know is everyone in the CDing community was talking about it. I really liked the way the samples cleaned my diapers, but then again, most of my diapers were brand new at the time and in pristine condition. There wasn't much need for anything more special than the F&C I was already using. ...or so I thought!

Last week I finally placed an order of Lavender Mint Revival from Gloria at For Mom and Keiki. This was the first time I had used this site, but with free shipping and a package on my front door within three business days, I'm certain this is where I will make future RnG purchases!! I decided to "Rock the Soak" and boy was it worth it. I started with a cold rinse (no soap), then and overnight soak in hot water and 3tbs of RnG. I then followed it with two washes on hot water. I think one would have been enough, but two really did the trick. When I went to hang my diapers on the clothesline, I noticed IMMEDIATELY that there was no ammonia smell and there were NO stains on my diapers. I didn't even have to sun out stains!!! The diapers looked like I was prepping them for the first time. Best of all, my BumGenius organic AIO's weren't repelling water! Before Rocking a Soak I wouldn't put my BG organics on my daughter because it was leaving her tush really wet, but that isn't the case anymore!

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In addition to fresh diapers and non-repelling BG's, Rockin Green also helped get my dingy microfiber inserts squeaky clean! Overall, this was long overdue experience.

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