Thursday, July 29, 2010

Winners of the Tazzy Tote giveaways are...

After waiting patiently for my facebook page to reach 150 "likers" I am finally able to give away two packages of Tazzy Totes produce bags.

The first winner is Nicole Borkowski Penberthy who posted on the Living Semi Crunchy facebook page. The second winner is Samantha Holcomb aka star84vu who posted on the blog review of the Tazzy Totes produce bags.

I'm happy to extend these out to these wonderful ladies, but more importantly I am happy to share with all of you the importance of products such as Tazzy Totes. It's hard to believe how many plastic bags I used for bulk items on a weekly basis before them. I actually forgot mine today and had to use a plastic bag, eek!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Continuing my quest for a natural shampoo!

Shortly after posting about my Shampoo Saga on July 1st, my husband surprised me with products from one of his clients, Innersense Organic Beauty. Innersense, a local beauty company, had given my husband a shampoo, conditioner and hair gel to sample. Sweet! Little did they know that this mama was not only passionate about natural products, but dying for a natural shampoo/conditioner that worked well!

I was tempted to wash my hair that evening, but waited till the following morning. I used the Pure Essential Hair Bath and the Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner and after towel drying my hair I could already feel a difference from when I was using the previous "organic" conditioner. Plus, it scored in the green on the Skin Deep website, whereas the other product I reviewed was in the yellow because of fragrance. Gone was the oil slick in the back of my hair and the dry ends. My hair felt smooth and clean. I allowed my hair to air dry then ran a flat iron though it. It looked great.

It doesn't always happen that good products just fall in your lap, but in this case it couldn't have worked out any better. I have to admit that this company is one I had known about for years, but sometimes things right under your nose get overlooked. I'm glad they wanted me (err, I mean my husband!) to try their products. I am very happy I did, and I plan on buying from them again! Perhaps the healing oil next?

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Friday, July 23, 2010


Let me set the record straight. I have a black thumb. Not grey, not greenish, it's black. As I may have mentioned before, I have killed every plant that was given to me, every plant I bought and I've never been asked to water anyone's plants while they were on a vacation, even if said vacation was just a weekend trip. Most people know I am not good with plants. Luckily my husband never took this as a sign that I wouldn't be able to care for children. Either he took a chance or maybe he never really knew how bad it was!

Regardless, I love plants. Is this weird? I don't see it as weird at all. I love everything about gardening. I love shopping for plants. I love getting my hands dirty and I love they way they make a house look full of life and color. So even though I may kill every plant I come in contact with, it doesn't keep me from strolling the isles at Home Depot and grabbing things I don't need. Today is a perfect example. While there looking for a new window shade, I decided we needed some colorful cactus. An aloe vera plant, jade, some random flower looking cactus and of course a venus fly trap. I am attempting to replant all these in to the various pots I have from previous plants that did not make it. Hopefully this time will be different... fingers crossed!

If all goes well, I may take another stab at my herb plants I love so much. I love to death that is!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tazzy Totes - Giveaway

I have been using reusable shopping bags for almost five years now, courtesy of Wholefoods, but throughout this time I was always baffled at how I was supposed to handle my produce and bulk items. Last year I finally gave in and stopped using plastic bags for my produce, and only use small paper bags when I had many items, but what about my bulk items? I felt so un-crunchy every time I would reach for a plastic bag, and lets face it, I used bulk items pretty frequently. From various nuts, oatmeal, raisins, and all my cooking needs, I probably went through fives bags a week on average.

Then one day all my questions were answered when I came across Tazzy Totes produce bags. Tazzy Totes are a great alternative to plastic. They are reasonably affordable, come in a pack with 3 large bags and one small bag for smaller items such as herbs, and a Go-Green Marker so you can avoid the twist ties for bulk items, plus they are washable.

I searched through the Tazzy Totes website and was pleasantly surprised to see they offer much more than just produce bags. They also have cloth grocery bags, bottle totes and great canvas shopping basket!

I like these bags so much, I am going to do another giveaway to two of my readers. One will go to a lucky winner when my facebook page reaches 150 fans. I will also give one away to a random reader of my blog. Leave me a comment letting me know why you could really use the Tazzy Totes. I will choose the winners the same day.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

...and the winner is...

Jamie Messier!

Jamie won a natural vegan deodorant from Green Body Basics in the scent of her choice, as well as two sample scents!

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I can't wait to hear feedback from Jamie and see how she likes the natural deodorant.

Stay tuned for more giveaways in the near future!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My 1st Blog Award!

I am excited to announce I received my 1st blog award! After only a few months with my new blog getting a rather slow start, Kaley from ...a tale of three poags recognized me with a Sunshine Award!! I am not only excited to receive my first award, but it could not have come from a better mama! I recently started following Kaley's blog, and I have to say, it's the every day blogs like hers that I find myself wrapped up in for hours when I should be writing my own entries!

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so the rules are -
1. Thank the blogger who gave it to you (thanks Kaley!!!)
2. List 7 things that people may not know about you
3. pass the love to 15 deserving bloggers that you have discovered recently
4. let them know that you gave them an award

Here goes my 7 random things...

1.) My guilty pleasure is US magazine. I am a sucker for celebrity gossip *gasp* I have never subscribed since I think it's a complete waste of paper, however, I do get updates via facebook! lol

2.) I have a black thumb. I have killed EVERY plant I've ever purchased, planted or was given to me. Even a cactus.

3.) I am VERY forgetful. I forget at least one thing a day. I have been known to forget things at the grocery store... even while checking off of a list!

4.) I am a window shopper. I LOVE to spend one day, every week or so, in the mall just "browsing." I never actually buy anything during these hour long sessions! ...give me 5 minutes in Target or Whole Foods and I can do a lot of damage!

5.) I love crafts. I have many, many crafts started, some of which were started several years ago. Only a couple have been completed. Although I am capable of completing most of these things (scarf, shorties, a purse, scrapbooks), I find it impossible to pull any sort of craft box out while tending to two children. My 3 year old would have a field day with my scrap booking materials!

6.) I have a new (growing) passion for food. My husband is a creative cook with an eclectic pallet and I love learning from him.

7.) I am a doula in training! I completed my courses but can't take clients until my daughter is a bit older, but I can't wait to get in the delivery room! Birth, natural or not, is very close to my heart. I want to assist people in having their ideal birth!

The 15 blogs I pass this award to are:

1. A hui hou kakou
2. Teefers Treats (Barefoot in the Kitchen)
3. Cloth Chronicles
4. Connected Mom
5. Funky Fluff Lovin (look for her wipes on sale soon!!)
6. Life: Full of unexpected Happiness
7. Organic Deals and Coupons
8. Mandi's Menagerie
9. 52 weeks, making baby and toddler food
10. Cottontail Babies
11. Crunchy Clean
12. Etsy Cloth Diaper Team
13. Lesa Speaks Out
14. Little Martin Family
15. Following her Footsteps

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Art of Making Babyfood

Since having my son in 2007, I have tried many times to perfect my abilities at making baby food. Originally I would steam fruits and vegetables and puree them in a baby food processor, however, the time it took to steam and then clean up all the utensils I used was not only daunting, but down right annoying. I knew with baby #2, something had to change!

My sister-in-law had her second baby in May 2009 and shortly after, I visited her home and saw a new contraption resting on her counter tops. It was the Baeba Babycook. "Such a simple machine" she said, "but without it I would be taking twice as long to make homemade baby food."

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What is the Baeba Babycook? The Babycook is a steamer, blender, warmer and defroster. It can steam fruits and vegetables in 15 minutes or less and puree them all in the same compartment. Fifteen minutes or less? This was going to be good.

I waited until my daughter was almost 4 months old to purchase the Babycook from Giggle and prepped the machine the same day. I was so excited to use it, and after my first batch of sweet potatoes, I knew that the wait had been worth it! The sweet potatoes were as creamy as the store bought jars of baby food. It took me 15 minutes from the time I prepped the food to the time I was feeding my daughter. I have now made sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, green beans, parsnip and avocado and all of them have turned out creamy, smooth and delicious!

I don;t think it would be as easy for me to prepare fresh food daily for my daughter if it were not for the Babycook. It had really made my job easier!

Great Article about Chemical in CD's

I don't think I need to pursue any of my readers about the benefits of cloth diapering your little one, but it still surprises me how many people I know still use cloth diapers even after they find out what chemicals are used in making them absorbent.

My friend Valerie even pointed out that SAP (the absorbent gel) is banned from tampons because it increases the likelihood of toxic shock, but is still allowed to be in diapers. Really?!?!

Here is the link to another revealing article about disposable diapers.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Truth about Fragrance

I have become an addict of the Skin Deep website and noticed that many of the products I buy at the natural food store have been scoring in the "yellow" category and that the biggest culprit that was keeping it from the "green" was FRAGRANCE!

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By Law, the ingredients of all products must be listed on all products. Fragrance "formulas" are considered trade secrets and so the ingredients in fragrances are not required to be listed individually. The word fragrance on any product could mean there are many products used to give it an odor, sometimes hundreds!

Fragrance "Free" or Unscented:

As a consumer, I believe a product labeled as fragrance free or unscented is just that, however, many products may mask odors with other chemicals and hide these within the listed word "fragrance."

FDA Authority over Cosmetics:

FDA is only able to regulate cosmetics after products are released to the marketplace. Neither cosmetic products nor cosmetic ingredients are reviewed or approved by FDA before they are sold to the public.

FDA cannot require companies to do safety testing of their cosmetic products before marketing. If, however, the safety of a cosmetic product has not been substantiated, the product's label must read:

"WARNING: The safety of this product has not been determined."

So as a consumer, I know it is my responsibility to read the label of the products I intend to use for myself, or my family, but I wonder how many other consumers really know the truth about fragrance?

U. S. Food and Drug Administration
Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
Office of Cosmetics Fact Sheet

February 3, 1995

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

LSC's 1st Giveaway!!!!

I am pleased to announce that Living Semi Crunchy is having it's first ever giveaway to a lucky follower. Kristin Cox from Green Body Basics has graciously donated one of her naturally effective deodorant's and two samples smells. The winner will get to choose their scent of choice!

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I am so excited about this giveaway, because I think Kristin has a great product and I want my readers to have an opportunity to try it out!!

I will select a winner when my Facebook page reaches 100 fans. Send your friends over and let me know who you sent, or who sent you!

I am working on a few more giveaways that I am equally excited about ad can't wait to share more information. Stay tuned for details!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Shampoo Sago Continues

I had an earlier post about "No-poo'ing" and Onesta Shampoo, and I would like to give my readers an update. Not only did Onesta leave me (personally) with an oily slick in the back of my hair, but today my hairdresser asked if I had hard water. FYI, I have lived in the same place for a year and she has NEVER asked me this question before. Needless to say, it took me awhile to figure out what was wrong with my hair.

There is something else I should mention about Onesta Shampoo. They list "fragrance" in their ingredients. I recently found out that companies are not regulated by the FDA about what ingredients can actually be in "fragrance." The word fragrance can include some of the products trade secrets or other chemicals they don't wish to disclose in the body of the ingredients.

I emailed Onesta a month ago and let them know I had a previous review of their product and asked them exactly what they used for "fragrance." I didn't need to know any of their trade secrets, but was curious why they didn't want to be completely natural? They haven't returned my email!