Friday, July 9, 2010

The Art of Making Babyfood

Since having my son in 2007, I have tried many times to perfect my abilities at making baby food. Originally I would steam fruits and vegetables and puree them in a baby food processor, however, the time it took to steam and then clean up all the utensils I used was not only daunting, but down right annoying. I knew with baby #2, something had to change!

My sister-in-law had her second baby in May 2009 and shortly after, I visited her home and saw a new contraption resting on her counter tops. It was the Baeba Babycook. "Such a simple machine" she said, "but without it I would be taking twice as long to make homemade baby food."

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What is the Baeba Babycook? The Babycook is a steamer, blender, warmer and defroster. It can steam fruits and vegetables in 15 minutes or less and puree them all in the same compartment. Fifteen minutes or less? This was going to be good.

I waited until my daughter was almost 4 months old to purchase the Babycook from Giggle and prepped the machine the same day. I was so excited to use it, and after my first batch of sweet potatoes, I knew that the wait had been worth it! The sweet potatoes were as creamy as the store bought jars of baby food. It took me 15 minutes from the time I prepped the food to the time I was feeding my daughter. I have now made sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, green beans, parsnip and avocado and all of them have turned out creamy, smooth and delicious!

I don;t think it would be as easy for me to prepare fresh food daily for my daughter if it were not for the Babycook. It had really made my job easier!


  1. that seems like such a great idea, but I dont know if I could see myself paying $150! I'd rather go through the hard times of prepping, steaming, and cleaning.

  2. Jenna, this is so true for me as well. I forgot to mention I had a gift card from Giggle for a stroller I returned at the beginning of the year. Even with this "extra" money to spend, it was difficult for me to make this purchase.

    I don't think I would have bought this had I not had the gift card. Perhaps I should re-write my review with this information. Hmmmmm....

  3. hm, yeah - 150$ does seem steep BUT if you plan on having multiple children it might just be worth it in the long run, especially for someone as impatient as me. i wonder if there is a similar one for a cheaper price? something to research!

    also mama - you've been given an award from me :) -- head on over and check it out!