Friday, July 23, 2010


Let me set the record straight. I have a black thumb. Not grey, not greenish, it's black. As I may have mentioned before, I have killed every plant that was given to me, every plant I bought and I've never been asked to water anyone's plants while they were on a vacation, even if said vacation was just a weekend trip. Most people know I am not good with plants. Luckily my husband never took this as a sign that I wouldn't be able to care for children. Either he took a chance or maybe he never really knew how bad it was!

Regardless, I love plants. Is this weird? I don't see it as weird at all. I love everything about gardening. I love shopping for plants. I love getting my hands dirty and I love they way they make a house look full of life and color. So even though I may kill every plant I come in contact with, it doesn't keep me from strolling the isles at Home Depot and grabbing things I don't need. Today is a perfect example. While there looking for a new window shade, I decided we needed some colorful cactus. An aloe vera plant, jade, some random flower looking cactus and of course a venus fly trap. I am attempting to replant all these in to the various pots I have from previous plants that did not make it. Hopefully this time will be different... fingers crossed!

If all goes well, I may take another stab at my herb plants I love so much. I love to death that is!


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  2. i am the SAME way. i don't understand why ... i follow directions to the T and still, everything i plant/touch - DIES =( i bought a 'no fail' salsa garden ... guess who failed? THIS GIRL.
    i get SO jealous when i see other bloggers herb/vegetable garden posts so its comforting to find someone who is in the same boat as me! ;]