Thursday, July 29, 2010

Winners of the Tazzy Tote giveaways are...

After waiting patiently for my facebook page to reach 150 "likers" I am finally able to give away two packages of Tazzy Totes produce bags.

The first winner is Nicole Borkowski Penberthy who posted on the Living Semi Crunchy facebook page. The second winner is Samantha Holcomb aka star84vu who posted on the blog review of the Tazzy Totes produce bags.

I'm happy to extend these out to these wonderful ladies, but more importantly I am happy to share with all of you the importance of products such as Tazzy Totes. It's hard to believe how many plastic bags I used for bulk items on a weekly basis before them. I actually forgot mine today and had to use a plastic bag, eek!

1 comment:

  1. Well, even though I didn't win one of the Tazzy Tote bags, I think I'm going to still check them out. Funny, you really don't realize how many of those plastic bags you use in a week, that switching over is my way of converting one step at a time. Grammie G.