Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lanolizing My Wool

I became a fan of wool covers as soon as I saw the custom made soakers by Little Leaf Boutique. I had purchased the "bunny luv" soaker second hand from a great mama on the BabyCenter Diaper Swap group and knew I needed to get my hands on another one ASAP. I worked closely with the WAHM, Jo Kay, to create a beautiful, original "Recycle Luv" soaker. These are the two I own currently...

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Needless to say I have had both wool soakers for a few months now and neither had been re-lanolized. Oops! I figured it was time when my daughter woke one morning soaking wet. One of the reasons I waited so long to lanolize my wool, was because I thought I had to search high and low for the right lanolin or wool wash. Little did I know that the items I needed were right under my nose. I did a google search and found Diaper Pin, had a great tutorial about making your own wash from baby soap and the leftover lanolin I had from early breastfeeding. This easy peasy step by step process took me less than a half hour, and they were ready to use the following day! Plus, her humorous approach makes the job fun!

If you're looking to lanolize, check your drawers for supplies before spending money.

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