Thursday, October 21, 2010

Confession of a Green Mama

After almost 2 months of a leaky faucet, I finally realized my hubby was far too busy to be bothered with a small leak and that I would have to tackle the job of handy man by myself. Don't be fooled though, although I did spend an hour at Home Depot, it was my wonderful father who came to the rescue and installed a new kitchen faucet so this crunchy mama no longer had to explain to her son why I couldn't turn the sink off. "Mommy, you're wasting water!!!!"

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Just a simple blog to confess to my readers that I didn't take proper action soon enough when I noticed the leak. I guess I just thought my husband would fix the issue, but sometimes we have to take matters in to our own hands, or at the very least, enlist the help of a loved one!

Thanks dad!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A big thank you to gDiapers

The winner of the gWipes giveaway was Louise Brown! Louise won a full case of gDiapers new biodegradable, disposable gWipes. I have had a few random encounters with gDiapers recently and just want to say that the customer service is quick and courteous. I am happy to be cloth diapering my little pea in mostly g's these days and never worry knowing questions can be answered quickly through the gDiaper webpage or via email.

I will have another review up soon. Although it is not a gDiaper, I can say it is fluffy!!!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My new love for gWipes. Review and giveaway

It's no secret that I switch between cloth wipes and disposable wipes depending on my mood and the consistency of my little pea's poops. Some days it is much easier to use strictly cloth wipes and throw them right in to the diaper laundry, however, I have found myself searching through the house for that last disposable wipe. I finally finished the case of Costco wipes that were leftover from a year and a half ago when my little guy was still in pull-ups, and had occasionally purchased a package of wipes from Whole Foods, but this luxury was starting to get expensive. I was considering sticking strictly with cloth wipes when I made another great discovery. As I was searching through the new colors on the gDiapers website, I realized they also sold wipes. Their hypoallergenic gWipes were not only fragrance-free, alcohol-free and all natural, they were also biodegradable!

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I decided to only purchase one package to try out, and couldn't believe how much I liked them when they arrived. They were soft and wet, without leaving too much moisture on my little pea's bum. Although I have not quite finished the package yet, they have not dried out and continue to get the job done.

The wonderful people behind gDiapers are offering an entire case of gWipes for my giveaway. I can choose one reader to receive the entire case or 12 readers can each recieve one package, which is a great way to try them out. There are three ways to enter, and each entry is an additional way to win these fabulous biodegradable gWipes.

1.) fan Living Semi-Crunchy AND gdiapers via Facebook. Leave a post letting me know they're both "liked" and this is one entry.

2.) Follow my blog. Leave a post letting me now you're following and this is another entry.

3.) Leave a comment about why you too are semi-crunchy and haven't made the switch to cloth wipes. You can also let me know how much you love your gdiapers and have been wanted to try their gwipes!

Additionally, let me know if I should have one big winner or 12 smaller winners?! Good luck. I will select a random winner from all entries on Friday, October 8th at 9am PST.