Thursday, October 21, 2010

Confession of a Green Mama

After almost 2 months of a leaky faucet, I finally realized my hubby was far too busy to be bothered with a small leak and that I would have to tackle the job of handy man by myself. Don't be fooled though, although I did spend an hour at Home Depot, it was my wonderful father who came to the rescue and installed a new kitchen faucet so this crunchy mama no longer had to explain to her son why I couldn't turn the sink off. "Mommy, you're wasting water!!!!"

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Just a simple blog to confess to my readers that I didn't take proper action soon enough when I noticed the leak. I guess I just thought my husband would fix the issue, but sometimes we have to take matters in to our own hands, or at the very least, enlist the help of a loved one!

Thanks dad!!!


  1. You forgot to mention that the "handy helper" was your little man.....he helped his Papal with screwdrivers, and more screwdrivers, and of course, the cool crescent wrench..."what's this for Papal?"...It was great watching this project get done.