Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lazy Shannon, Lazy M Farms

So, I'm not really sure what has been keeping me from my blog. I would like to use children, work, school and a recent move as great examples of why I cannot take five minutes out of my busy day to post to my readers, but really... that's just not the case.

I have completely lost sight of what is important. Yes, my children are still important, but being green and environmentally friendly just has not been my top priority.

Until, that is, my good friend Amie introduced me to her friends Kathy and Bill from Lazy M Farms in Danville. Kathy and Bill have done what we all wish we could do. Built an entirely organic garden open to close friends and family as a co-op (if you will) that provides anything from the basic fruits to unusual vegetables. This AMAZING opportunity has reopened up my pallet, as well as my passions for all things organic, natural and good for the earth.

I look forward to posting more about the farm, and all things green!

HOLD ME TO IT!!!!!!!