Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Everything but the Kitchen Sink Soup

So, I have been frequenting Lazy M farms for the past few weeks now. I haven't had much trouble going through the basket that Kathy provides me. We have roasted the beets, we've BBQ'd the fennel, we've given the kids the carrots, but somehow, this week, we had too many leftovers. I got home with this weeks produce, only to realize the bottom shelf of my fridge was already occupied with STILL FRESH veggies from last week. What was I going to do? I couldn't waste them. I couldn't throw them in the compost. What could I do? I could make a veggie soup. Although, I've never attempted such a feit. How would I make it? What would I add? I decided that no matter what happened I wouldn't be upset at the outcome. This is how it all began.

I peeled and cut carrots, celery, and added some Bright Lights swiss chard from this weeks basket. I threw this into a pot on my stove with about 3 quarts of water. I cut green garlic, scallions, green onions, and beets from last weeks basket, with some zucchini from this week. I used all the herbs from last week, tarragon, basil, and parsley. I decided not to use the mint. I added some organic "Better than Bouillon" chicken bouillon and organic tomato paste to the water. I also added onion powder, onion flakes and garlic powder.

I let this simmer for about 4 hours. It was AMAZING. I could not believe how much the kids loved it. They both had two servings.

Looking back, this would have been a great vegetarian soup had I used a veggie stock, but I just didn't have any on hand. Next time!!

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