Friday, August 17, 2012

Becoming an overnight Vegan

A few months back I developed a dark "stain" on my hand that my doctor said was merely dry skin. I did every homeopathic remedy and even opted for a steroid ointment since nothing seemed to be working. If you know anything about me, taking a prescription medication is a last ditch effort. I was desperate. He said referring me to a dermatologist wasn't necessary, but I just wasn't immediately convinced. Honestly I was a little worried that maybe I had developed skin cancer and my doctor wasn't really diagnosing me correctly, but I'm not normally a "glass-half-empty" girl, so I knew the answer had to be simple.
Hello I\'m Vegan
My doctor never did give me a referral, but a few of my friends suggested eliminating gluten from my diet. Seemed pretty silly to me, but after googling some information, I realized I had some minor symptoms of a gluten allergy. So this is about the time I started a CA-Razy diet. Initially is started as gluten free, but somehow I became vegan as well. Don't ask, I really can't explain my decision, other than the fact that I have always been curious about going vegan. It has been well over five weeks at this point and I feel GREAT. Much more natural energy, clearer skin, and if you're curious... YES, my skin condition has completely vanished.

The journey has been difficult at times. If you don't already know, we own two delis, which I am at 6 days a week. Delis... as in meat and cheese. As in the best sliced bread and rolls. All non vegan with an extra side of gluten (lol, Amie). Difficult does not quite describe my journey. It has been a constant challenge. ...but, so far, it has not only been worth it, but life changing.

My goal is to post as many of my recipes as possible. Hopefully even have some food samples and giveaways if time permits, but mostly it is a journal for those that understand my struggles. If I'm lucky, some of my followers will even post some of their own struggles, pieces of advice, quick tips and fabulous recipes.

Stay tuned!

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