Sunday, August 4, 2013

Epic dinner, all in a days macros!

This week I have made another new diet change and have decided that counting my calories was obviously not healthy or nutritious, so instead I have started counting my macros. I am still getting the hang of it, but got my information from which stands for; "If It Fits Your Macros." One of the things I know I was not getting enough of was carbs, especially since I was primarily gluten free, so imagine my excitement when I realized I had enough room in macros for a One Bun pita! 
It may have been my favorite part of dinner tonight! I honestly don't remember the last time I had real wheat bread! 

My hubby sautéed some red onions with avocado oil and added some of our pre prepped chicken. 
I cut some fresh avocado and shoved it all in a toasted pita with my favorite sauce, Siracha! 
I was one happy camper tonight!
Nomnomnom! I think I like this macros stuff!

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