Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Transformation Tuesday

As I make small steps in my fitness journey and overall health, it helps to take pictures along the way to reflect on all the changes I have made and appreciate the process, no matter how slow. Sharing said pictures is a different story, and although I'm sure there is someone who could relate to my story and needs some motivation to take small steps themselves, I just never imagined sharing personal pictures of my weight and ever changing body. ...until now. 

My fitness journey is like so many others I have read about. A constant battle of yo-yo dieting, lowering calories to lose weight, not understanding the damage on my metabolism and overall health. Two pregnancies, an eating disorder and a mountain of insecurities, I can safely say I have come a long way, and my journey has only just begun. 

I don't really know how many people will read this, or if someone can even relate remotely to my story, but it has been such a great outlet to be able to write about my accomplishments, and I'm hoping by posting some pictures, it will remind me just how far I've CW and to never give up!

I could not find a good picture of me from 2004, but I hit an altimeter low weight of around 130lbs. I am 5'10", and was anorexic and frail. My hair was falling out and my teeth were deteriorating quickly. In the picture to the left, November 2008, I was around 170lbs. My son was 18 months and I just kept excepting my body as a "mother's body."  None of the weight came off before getting pregnant with my daughter (center picture October  2009), when I tipped the scale at 180lbs. 

Today I am a healthy 150(ish)lbs. It took several months to adjust my mind from craving the scale to show me 140lbs. I had to retrain my brain to understand that the weight I have gained is from loss of fat and gain of muscle. I try not to weigh myself, and remember that today I am happier than when I was cutting calories. Today I am fit, not skinny.