Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Continuing my quest for a natural shampoo!

Shortly after posting about my Shampoo Saga on July 1st, my husband surprised me with products from one of his clients, Innersense Organic Beauty. Innersense, a local beauty company, had given my husband a shampoo, conditioner and hair gel to sample. Sweet! Little did they know that this mama was not only passionate about natural products, but dying for a natural shampoo/conditioner that worked well!

I was tempted to wash my hair that evening, but waited till the following morning. I used the Pure Essential Hair Bath and the Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner and after towel drying my hair I could already feel a difference from when I was using the previous "organic" conditioner. Plus, it scored in the green on the Skin Deep website, whereas the other product I reviewed was in the yellow because of fragrance. Gone was the oil slick in the back of my hair and the dry ends. My hair felt smooth and clean. I allowed my hair to air dry then ran a flat iron though it. It looked great.

It doesn't always happen that good products just fall in your lap, but in this case it couldn't have worked out any better. I have to admit that this company is one I had known about for years, but sometimes things right under your nose get overlooked. I'm glad they wanted me (err, I mean my husband!) to try their products. I am very happy I did, and I plan on buying from them again! Perhaps the healing oil next?

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