Saturday, October 4, 2014

Inspiration from my son

It is no surprise that the healthy lifestyle my husband and I live has rubbed off on our children. They talk about nutritious foods versus foods that don't provide many benefits, they know that exercise is a key part of a healthy lifestyle and they are always wanting to participate in the activities we are doing. Two years ago I ran a couple 10k races, and my son kept asking when he could run with me. He hadn't really ran more than a mile or two, so I really didn't want to push him in to something I thought could be too difficult for a 5 year old. Two years later, and he still begs me, so after joining his elementary schools run club, I thought it was time to put his skills to the test. I knew he could handle a 5k, so I decided to push him to do a trail run. Not just any trail run, but the Brazen Racing Rocky Ridge 5k! He didn't know what to expect, so why not start with something challenging?! He did great! Even straight up hill between miles 1-2 and him and his friend kept on trucking! I was one proud mama! Proud of his hard work and proud that I was leading by example. 

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